Best Way To Lose Weight Fast

What is the best way to lose weight fast? With all the articles, methods and fast fat burning techniques that claim to help you shift the pounds in months, it’s no wonder you’re confused as to what to try. So before you go jumping on that weight loss bandwagon and wasting your money and time, ask yourself the following questions:

• What do I really want?
• What is my target weight?
• What are my reasons for losing weight?
• And can I stick to the goal I made?

Once you’ve have decided that you want to lose weight and willing to give it your best shot, try these easy to follow steps that will definitely get you started on the right track.

Step 1 – Go to your Doctor
Yes although going to doctor won’t directly shed the pounds, it’s crucial to have a health check. Get all the laboratory blood tests prior to starting your weight loss program. Be honest with your doctor. You want to know if you have any existing health problems that may impact your weight loss, determine what your ideal weight for your height is and knowing what the pros and cons are. Ask your doctor for his opinion of the best way to lose weight fast. You never know, the doctor might give you some very useful tips from his own personal experiences.


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Step 2 – Determine Your Goal
Why do you want to lose weight fast? Is your reason for losing weight related to health reasons of self confidence problems? If you’re hurt by a few people calling you fat then ignore them but if you’re down and out because you’ve been fat ever since you were a child then it’s time to do something about it. Sometimes losing weight is not about losing pounds or kilos, it can be simply fat loss or toning your body. Whatever your reasons for losing weight, set your goals and your goals will help you stay motivated when or down days.

Step 3 – Research
Start searching for the best way to lose weight fast on the internet. Although not all information will apply to you, you can however get a lot of ideas from there. Gather all the facts, read the information and make sure you understand them. Eliminate the information that are not aligned with your goals and choose the best way to lose weight fast method you think is achievable for you. Don’t go for those regimens that are too good to be true because chances are they’re all hype and never end up working.

Step 4 – Exercise
Make a food and exercise diary before you start. Record your weight and body measurements before you start your workout. Take a picture of yourself in the beginning and set it as your “before” photo. Begin your workout with a steady routine that you can stick to over the coming weeks. Create a workout plan that will give you results and won’t bore you after 2 – 3 days as the body needs different workouts in order to lose weight. Once you’ve done some exercise, give your body time to rest and focus on your short term weight goals. A reasonable short goal may be 4pounds every 2weeks, then slowly increase the intensity of your workout as you progress along.


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Step 5 – Eat The Foods That You Want To Eat
Yes, it’s true. You can eat the foods that you want while you are working out. But, take small bites only and in moderation. Consume foods that are high in fiber like vegetables and fruits and the key strategy here is to never starve yourself, or else you will over eat and end up having body cramps.

Tip: the best way to lose weight fast is drinking a lot of water. It will cool your body, give signals to your brain to indicate that you are full plus keeps you hydrated.

Really the best way to lose weight fast is to eat a balanced diet consisting of the right foods, foods that don’t irritate you or cause you to stack on the pounds. Coupled with healthy doses of exercise and stretches, you will soon achieve the weight you’ve been longing after in no time!